Bioloark is short for Biological Ark. Many of us enjoy creating, caring for, and winding down from a busy day with their own slice of nature. We are striving to connect you with nature, just like the designer intended, with habitats ranging from minimalistic, carefully crafted Bio Bottles to fully integrated Bio Balls.

Ye Qian has been obsessed with the industry for over 20 years. Throughout his career, he built expertise in climate control technology, freshwater habitats, terrarium husbandry, moss culturing, and monumental moss designs.

Ye is an expert on integrating living things and space. With his know-how and desire to bring his work into a residential environment he developed Bioloark. The ingredients for success are the same for large and small scale projects alike: A solid understanding of light, temperature, water, air, and how these elements influence the flora and fauna in the space.

Each Bioloark product is carefully designed to make all elements work together optimally, from maintaining consistent temperature and humidity in Bio Bottles to high-tech lighting, ventilation, and atomizing functions of the Bio Balls.


BGI Group headquarters


Lishui Moss Technology co.
CISP exhibition


Vanke Co.
120 square meters moss wall design


Bioloark is founded and gains popularity in Asia and large parts of Europe.


Texas-based Microvarium becomes the official Bioloark US partner and distributor